About Us


Is a professional university that teaches vocational programs in order to raise the level of education and help its students to achieve the maximum degree of education and career .

HARVARD PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY is Delaware Registered Agent, Delaware State File Number: 6786466. We have many programs and research that qualify students to obtain the highest degrees.

Our academic programs are of the highest caliber because we believe in the transformative power of ideas.

Some of the most influential academic movements are taking place at the John Hever Academy. We are pioneers in economics, sociology, literary criticism, and legal education , trainning of trainer and we are the home to the country’s largest university press.

Departments have additional requirements for admission which do not appear on Graduate School Web pages. Many programs only accept applications for fall admission, but some do offer spring or summer admission. Check individual program Web sites for spring or summer application deadlines.

The graduate coordinator is an excellent first resource for questions and information about your chosen program. Always refer to the Graduate Catalog for the most recent information on degree programs.

From accounting to sociology, trainning of trainer , rainning students can concentrate in many areas of study to complete their degrees. Browse the list below to choose an area of study.

We are not just Friend, We are Family